Monday, February 23, 2009

Saving the World from product at a time

For years my Mom has been buying hand lotion from Bath & Body Works. I absolutely love that stuff! I always cuddle up to her and try to lick it off of her paws (hands). Well everything was fine until my Mom and Dad decided to make budget cuts around here (I am down to one new tennis ball a month). My Mom ran out of her wonderful lotion and bought some cheap imitation junk from Wal-Mart. I just couldn’t stand it, the smell just wasn’t right and I won’t even go into the taste test results. (It's not even good enough for the neighbor's cat). She must be getting older because she forgot to close the bathroom door one morning when she went out to work in the workshop. I jumped up onto the counter (I am really good at it). I spied the imitation lotion and decided that I needed to get rid of it! It took a long time, but I managed to pump almost all of the lotion out onto the counter before my Mom came back in the house for lunch. She was pretty mad for the rest of the day, but the great news is that I still got a treat that night and she is back to buying the good lotion!

P.S. Don't get me wrong - Walmart does have some good stuff (their tennis balls are to die for)!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Product Review - Hand Stamped Dog Tags

I can't believe my Mom is shamelessly using me to advertise her products. She better give me an extra treat for this! I know that I am not supposed to run away, but every once in a while something really exciting happens - the gas meter guy forgets to latch the gate. I just LOVE to chase the neighbor's cat. The problem is that I always chase him really far away and then I forget how to get back (funny how the cat always makes it home). Someone nice always picks me up, calls the number on my tag and then my mommy comes and gets me. Always remember to put your tag on when getting dressed in the morning, but more importantly if you ever run away and get caught ALWAYS remember to act scared and shake really hard so that you get a treat!

Introducing Beetle Bailey

My name is Beetle Bailey, a Shih-tzu with an attitude. Nothing is better in a Dog's life than getting into trouble during the day and watching as your parents forget what happened later that night as they hand over the treats. I would do anything for a treat, except become friends with the neighbor's cat. I hate the neighbor's cat. That jerk gets to run around the neighborhood all day long while I watch from the upstairs window. I know he is out there taunting me, but there isn't anything I can do about it. Because I don't work I have to keep myself busy so I spend a lot of time dreaming up ways to drive my Mom crazy. She says that she won't cut me off from the treat jar if I repent, start a blog, and write about my antics. My brother and sister never get into trouble, but my mommy says I am the bane of her existance. I think that means I am her favorite!!