Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to drive your Mom Crazy!!!

I haven’t driven my Mom crazy for a while so I thought I would stir up her day. It was around noon when the mail lady delivered our mail on Saturday (she’s a nice lady, but she doesn’t carry treats with her….no Christmas card for her!). My Mom grabbed the mail and set it on the short table in the entryway (she never learns…I have always been able to reach everything on that table). I spied a fat padded envelope that looked like fun, waited until she left the room, and as is my usual habit grabbed the package and made a beeline for the dog door that goes out to our back yard. I had a great time playing football with the package for several hours. While I was playing football my Mom was sitting in her office wondering why the garage door kept randomly going up and down. She decided to investigate and spent about an hour trying to figure out if something was wrong with the garage door. She even flipped the main circuit breaker thinking that would solve the problem…she is so silly!! Just before Daddy came home I decided to come clean and brought the package to her. Inside the package was the second garage door opener that the landlord had forgotten to give us when we moved in. Get this….My Mom was so happy that the mystery was solved and that she didn’t have to call someone to fix the garage door opener that she gave me a treat (and I still got to sleep in the bed)..Score!!!!

P.S. In case you were worried the neighbor’s cat wasn’t able to get into the garage while the door was open.