Friday, July 17, 2009

My Own Giveaway

I am running my own giveaway contest for all of my furry friends out there. I am giving away a small monogrammed dog collar. I like my name on my collar so that my brother Bear doesn't try to wear it. To enter just visit Lauren Nicole Gifts and leave me a comment letting me know what collar you like the best.

In case you are bigger than me the winner will be able to choose between the small dog collars and the large dog collars (ribbon choices vary).

I will take entries until midnight on Thursday, July 23, 2009. I will draw and announce a winner on Friday, July 24, 2009.

Good Luck!!

In case you're wondering, my dog collar is blue. I wouldn't be caught dead in a pink collar.


  1. You can surprise my house! My Mommy has three of us! Adding a name would make it easier to get walks! Mom can never figure out whose collar goes on who! She is always losing them or putting Cesna's on Cleo and then Cleo escapes and runs around the neighborhood for an hour. It is funny to see her chase us! I bet if I got one I would get more treats for not pulling out of my collar!

    Although Charlie has to use his leash doubled up as a collar so I am not sure who is in greater need. Either way I am sure that Mom's stress level would be reduded...until we see a cat or deer.

    Cesna (boy): Black Lab about 100 lbs
    Cleo (girl): Basset mix 45 lb
    Charlie (boy): 10 lb Bishcon

    Steph E

  2. I like the large collar in "Fia." It would go well with my black coat! :)

    From: Dempsey

  3. I like the Carrie ribbon... or the collar in the picture would be fine...seeing as my name is Chloe!!!

  4. Bailey how sweet of you to have your own giveaway!!

    Hana would love the "Georgia" collar.

  5. I think the "Mary" collar is perfect for an active boy like me, and would look great with my black curls!My mom will think I am so handsome!

  6. Bailey,
    My mom would be sooo proud to walk me around our neighborhood with me sporting a brand new "Madge" collar. Thanks for hosting your own giveaway. Sloppy Kisses, Matilda 1yr. old puggle that just loves to snuggle.

  7. Bailey,

    My Granddog would look so cute in a "Sophie" collar. She's a cute little Lhasa who is a little on the pudgy side, so she could use some extra walks in her stylin' new collar.


  8. Hi, Beetle Bailey! I have to say your collar looks amazing on you. The colors fit you perfectly! My pups name is Toffee and she's a Shih Tzu also. I choose the "Ashley" collar for her. Thanks for the chance for another pup to look as a great as you.


  9. Oh how I love the "Julia" and "Georgia" collars. Beetle Bailey you are one lucky pup that your momma makes such fabulous collars. My momma just found out I need to loose some major weight so looks like I need a new collar for what is likely to be our new two walks a day schedule. Sounds like lots of work to me but at least I'll be stylin doing it, right?
    Gretta :)